Easter Hams Reservations

March 4, 2024

Easter Hams

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Red Barn’s Easter Ham Reservations

We are now taking order for Easter for our Old Fashioned Hams.

Our hams are fully cooked and best served with a nice glaze on top.


Red Barn’s Own Old Fashioned Hams are made in our very own Smokehouse in Saanich.

  • Bone-In Hams are available as Quarters or Halves.
  • Boneless Hams are available as Quarters, Halves, and Quarters with the Rind
  • Large quantities available


Bone In Hams – $4.99LB/$11.00KG
Boneless Hams – $6.99LB/$15.41KG


  • Hams may be Pre-Ordered March 4-24
  • Hams can be picked up March 26-April 1 at your selected location.


Easter Weekend Store Hours

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