Party Trays

Planning Your Next Event?

Choose one of our party trays for your next party, wedding, meeting or luncheon. With Red Barn Markets’ focus on quality ingredients and fresh products, our trays are guaranteed to be the highlight of your next event. Party trays are available from all Red Barn Market locations.
Call for exact ingredient listing.
Contact us over the phone to place your order with one of our friendly employees. Visit your local Red Barn Market location to pick up your order.

Party trays

Red Barn's Own Party Trays

Oak Bay sandwich bar

Try one of our Sandwich Trays at your next event

Please call your Red Barn Market to place an order. 24 hour notice required.

Wrap it up party tray

Wrap It Up

Featuring a combination of Wraps including Roast Turkey, Roast Beef, Ham, and Veggies wrapped in a fresh flour Tortilla!

  • Small (8-12)$49.99
  • Medium (12-20)$69.99
  • Large (20-25)$89.99

Tall as the barn party tray

Tall as the Barn Sandwiches

Tall as the Barn, for sure! Sandwiches piled high with fresh Veggies, Sauces, Cheese and a variety of Red Barn's Own Meats.

  • Small (8-12)$49.99
  • Medium (12-20)$69.99
  • Large (20-25)$89.99

Pinwheels party tray

Pinwheels - Mini Wraps

Roast Turkey & Cranberry, Smoked Turkey & Roasted Red Pepper, Ham & Onion, Ham & Spinach and Veggie. With Cream Cheese.

  • Medium (12-20)$59.99
  • Large (20-25)$79.99

Tropical Fruit Tray

Tropical Fruit

Fresh Honeydew and Cantaloupe Melon, Oranges, Pineapple, Watermelon, Strawberries, Red and Green Grapes.

  • Small (8-12)$29.99
  • Medium (12-20)$54.99
  • Large (20-25)$69.99

Smokehouse Sampler – Cheese party tray

Smokehouse Sampler Smoked Cheese

Try Red Barn's Own Smoked cheese including Aged White Cheddar, Jalapeño Monterey, Gouda and Edam cheese all on one tray!

  • Small (10-15)$45.99
  • Medium (15-20)$69.99
  • Large (25-30)$85.99

Smokehouse Sampler – Meat and Cheese party tray

Smokehouse Sampler – Meat and Cheese

A perfect combination of Smoked Meats & Cheeses. Includes Honey Garlic Turkey Pepperoni, Chorizo and Farmer Sausage and Gouda

  • Small (10-15)$45.99
  • Medium (15-20)$59.99
  • Large (25-30)$75.99

Grab n’Snack Veggies party tray

Grab n’Snack Veggies

Featuring an array of veggies: Carrots, Celery, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Bell Peppers, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes and a dip.

  • Small (8-12)$29.99
  • Medium (12-18)$49.99
  • Large (18-25)$65.99

Mucho Meat party tray

Mucho Meat

A selection of Red Barn's Own Pepperoni, and Smoked Sausages: Cajun Turkey, Swiss Farmer, and Mennonite with a mustard dip.

  • Small (8-12)$35.99
  • Medium (12-20)$49.99
  • Large (20-25)$65.99

Meat & Cheese Sampler party tray

Meat & Cheese Sampler

Various Meats and Cheeses including Old Fashioned Ham, Turkey Roast, Pepperoni, Havarti Cheese and Smoked Cheese.

  • Small (5-10)$29.99
  • Medium (15-20)$49.99
  • Large (20-25)$69.99

Crunchy Crackers party tray

Crunchy Crackers

A selection of Crackers to serve with your favourite cheeses, spreads or tapenade.

  • Small (8-12)$29.99
  • Medium (12-20)$39.99

Decadent Desserts Tray

Decadent Desserts

Various delicious desserts like Nanaimo Bars, Brownies, Whoopie Cookies, Hedgehogs, Lemon Bars, and Oat Bars.

  • Small (8-12)$35.99
  • Medium (12-20)$49.99
  • Large (20-25)$65.99

Cookies party tray


A selection of fresh Portofino Bakery cookies.

  • Small (8-12)$14.99
  • Medium (12-20)$19.99
  • Large (20-25)$24.99

Breakfast Duo party tray

Breakfast Duo

Freshly baked butter croissants and a variety of muffins. Perfect for an early morning office meeting.

  • Small (5-10)$19.99
  • Medium (10-15)$29.99
  • Large (15-20)$39.99

Cheese for Me Please party tray

Cheese for Me Please

Premium Canadian made Havarti, Provolone, Mild Cheddar, Swiss, and Red Barn's Own Smoked Cheeses and Boursin - with Grapes.

  • Small (8-12)$39.99
  • Medium (12-20)$54.99
  • Large (20-25)$69.99

Please call your Red Barn Market to place an order. 24 hour notice required.