Saanich Environmental Awards!

October 28, 2020


Saanich. Environmental Awards

We won a Saanich Environmental Award this year!

Thank you everyone for nominating us!  We take pride in what we do and are very proud to be serving our local community at all times.
The Awards are an initiative of the Saanich Environment and Natural Areas Advisory Committee (ENAC). Since 2000, they have recognized more than 150 people and organizations contributing to protection of the natural environment in Saanich.
“The Red Barn Market is receiving the business award for leadership in local food security and sustainable business practices. This business started as a small farm market in rural Saanich and has grown to a locally-owned grocery supporting local producers and communities by providing local products. Also committed to reducing their carbon footprint, the business supports alternative transportation to access their markets and has experimented with initiatives such as fuel-free courier delivery. The Red Barn Market’s business practices include an extensive recycling program, re-use of unsold produce, and regular donations that support community stewardship efforts”
District of Saanich
Our Backyard Newsletter Volume 21 | Issue 3 | Fall 2020