Redfern Parkfest 2019

September 9, 2019

Redfern Parkfest

Redfern Parkfest 2019

BBQ at Redfern Parkfest

Russ and Scott grilling on the BBQ at Redfern Parkfest 2019

Redfern Parkfest

Busy crowd at the Barn-B-Que

Redfern Park

Locals lined up for the BBQ at Redfern Parkfest 2019

A Community Celebration

For the first time in over ten years, residents in the South Jubilee area got together to bring back “Redfern Parkfest”, a community celebration for all ages.  The celebration was held at Redfern Park Sunday September 8th with free coffee for locals to kick things off. There was also a playground, bouncy castle for the kids, a large book, toy, and plant swap, live music, yoga and “Silly Dog Contest”!

As our Oak Bay store is located at the corner of Redfern St. and Oak Bay Ave., we were invited to bring the Barn-B-Que to the party. We had a great time grilling our delicious Bacon Cheddar Smokies and Beef & Bacon Burgers which we gave out to everyone who attended.

Best of all, the event organizers were hoping for 50-100 locals to attend but ended up with 300-400 throughout the day!  We hope this will become an annual event because we had blast!