Red Barn Market Esquimalt featured in Rainbow Kitchen’s Newsletter

July 15, 2020

Red Barn Market Esquimalt

Red Barn Market Esquimalt

Husband & Wife Brandon ( Deli Clerk) & Shannon (Red Barn Market Esquimalt, Store Manager)

Husband & Wife Brandon ( Deli Clerk) & Shannon (Esquimalt, Store Manager)

Contributing to our Community: Red Barn Market Esquimalt was featured in the Rainbow Kitchen’s Newsletter!


“It all started when the Red Barn Market opened its doors recently in Esquimalt. As usual with any food store, they found themselves with some unsold inventory that needed to be either ‘donated’ or ‘dealt with’…

Shannon, the store manager, approached staff for suggestions and overwhelmingly, they
chose to donate to the Rainbow Kitchen. The team wanted to support their new community; the Rainbow Kitchen was the perfect choice.

Shannon quickly approved the idea and soon Red Barn donations of dairy and yogurt for example, were supporting the RK programs.

Even last December, this store held its first food drive for the Kitchen. The staff is getting to
know the community from both sides: first to help them as store customers and then to help them as guests of the Rainbow Kitchen.”


From the Rainbow Kitchen Newsletter (July 2020 Volume 10 No. 3)