Covid-19 Update – January 2022

January 31, 2022

Masks are required

Masks are required to shop at Red Barn Market

*January 10th 2022 UPDATE*

COVID-19 Status and Management

To our valued customers:

Red Barn Market is advising our customers that we are closely monitoring the situation and ongoing developments relating to COVID-19. Our management team is meeting daily to assess the situation and adjust direction and protocols to ensure our top priorities are met:

• The health and safety of our staff and families, our customers and the community. “This is our time to be kind, to be calm, and to be safe.” By Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer for BC.
• Support government and health leaders across all initiatives to minimize the spread of the virus.
As of Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2021, masks must be worn in all indoor public spaces throughout B.C. to help slow the transmission of COVID-19 as B.C.

Update: As of Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2021, children aged five and older are now required to wear masks in indoor public spaces in B.C.

Our staff and customers’ safety are the most important concern that we are trying to maintain. We have put many measures in place to minimize potential risk of exposure, as well as the continuity of our business:

• Clear communication has been issued to all employees indicating that they must not come into work if they feel ill.
• Additional hand sanitation stations have been set up.
• We will provide disposable gloves for all customers if they wish to use them.
• We have installed signage to remind staff and customers to practice physical distancing.
• We ask that all staff wash their hands every 15 minutes for 20 seconds at a time.
• We have installed plexi-glass guards to protect staff at the checkouts and Sandwich Bar.
• We are sanitizing the check out till after every transaction.
• We are sanitizing the checkout pin pads after every transaction.
• We encourage customers to pay with credit or debit cards using the “tap” feature.
• We are sanitizing buggies and basket handles regularly.
• We have a Covid-19 safety board at the entrance of each location.
• We have implemented contactless delivery for our online shopping delivery service.

Thank you,
The Red Barn Market Ownership Group