Think Local First

is an initiative of Shop Local Victoria, a non-profit society directed by a group of enthusiastic volunteers who are all local business owners in Greater Victoria.

Our Goals Are To

  • Support and strengthen locally owned and independent business and maintain jobs
  • Preserve and enhance our unique neighbourhoods and business district
  • Get consumers to commit to spending more dollars with locally-owned businesses

Red Barn Market has been
a proud member of Think Local First
since 2014

The 10% Shift – Strengthening Our Economy

By shifting 10% of your spending from non-local businesses to local independents it will:

  • Expanded Job Creation:   Creating new jobs and decreasing unemployment.
  • Create Economic Growth:   Generating thousands of dollars of increased local economic activity.
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures:   Inspiring the formation of new independent ventures.
  • Protect the Environment:   Decreasing thousands of tons of greenhouse emissions caused by trans-regional and transnational transportation of goods.
  • Enhanced Communities:  Revitalizing communities that have suffered from non-local spending.