Red Barn’s Own

Meat and Deli is Our Specialty

Red Barn Market is proud to carry BC raised meats in our stores.  The pork found in our meat department and deli, is raised at Britco Farms in Langley BC on the mainland and from Stillmeadows Farm in Metchosin when in season.

Chicken sold in our meat department is all Island Raised.  Island Farmhouse Poultry is available all year round, while our locally raised free-range chickens from Ireland Farms are available from April-October.  Also from Ireland Farms, are free-range turkeys available at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Looking for locally sourced Beef? Try our beef from Island Pastures in the Comox Valley raised without added hormones or antibiotics.

Red Barn’s Own products

Our smoked meats feature a mouth-watering range of incredible flavours, all prepared in-house in our legendary smoker. The double-smoked bacon is impossible to ignore; our assortment of specialty sausages is delicious beyond compare. Sample the Swiss Farmer, Kielbasa, Mennonite, Chorizo, Honey-Garlic and smoked turkey varieties of sausage.

Try our smoked pastrami, maple and old-fashioned ham, home-made regular and sun-dried turkey roast, turkey and homestyle meatloaf, roast beef, montreal smoked beef, turkey salami, capicola and our signature flavours of smoked chicken breast.

If you’re after some pepperoni, ours will hit the spot. We have regular, teriyaki and hot pork pepperoni, as well as turkey pepperoni in regular and honey garlic. Looking for something different? Try our pixie sticks jerky, jalapeno cheddar sticks and candied salmon sticks.

Get Red Barn to go. Savour the flavours of Red Barn’s Own double-smoked bacon, turkey bacon, and back bacon. Try our pixie sticks, either beef or turkey for a special smoked treat. We have pork hocks and drumsticks, mini hams, maple hams and old-fashioned hams.

Chicken chipotle and chicken basil smokies will make your family BBQ a legendary occasion, grilled to perfection alongside our all-beef, BBQ beef and turkey franks.

If you prefer your sausages without ‘smoke’ try all of our amazing local fresh varieties. We have bratwurst, breakfast, mild and spicy italian, maple and Oktoberfest varieties of pork sausage. Our turkey sausage varieties include breakfast, cranberry, chorizo, herb & sage, honey garlic, mild italian, maple and sundried tomato. Our chicken sausage includes Basil, Chipotle, Curry and English Banger.

Red Barn’s smokehouse is located at our Vanalman location, where we prepare smoked treats daily