Mattick’s Farm Renovation Complete

Over the last 3 weeks we have been doing a major renovation and reorganization at Mattick’s Farm. Officially completed this week, our store at Mattick’s Farm is now brighter, with a new till layout, and new wider aisles .

More Selection

Due to the reorganization, we have been able to bring in 500 more items in every category.  Look for a greater selection of local products, cereals, baked goods, tea, crackers, cookies, coffee, cleaning supplies and more!

Look for new coffee like Fernwood Coffee Company  & Murchies and Activia Yogurt. We have expanded our line of grains by Bob’s Red Mill added Victoria made Green Cuisine Tofu and have brought in several new olive oil and vinegar.  New to Mattick’s are delicious treats by Cakes Etc. Look for a brand new cleaning section featuring naturally-derived Method and green Seventh Generation products.  We have added a pet food section featuring Canadian brands like Canadian Naturals and Smack.

Room to Grow

Is there a new product you would like us to carry? Just let any of our staff know, we’ve got room!