About Red Barn Market

Yes! We are a 100% Victoria owned and operated business.
We are happy to announce we will be opening a new location in Fall 2015 at 1933 Oak Bay Avenue!
Yes! And no. Fresh Gluten Free bread is available at our sandwich bar by request. There is no extra cost.
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Our Meats

Yes you can. We receive whole beef, hogs and lambs. We can do any specialty item with notice. We can cut Skirt Steaks, Hanger Steaks, Beef Cheeks and much more, just give one of our butchers a call.
We source our local beef from farms between Cowichan and Comox on Vancouver Island. For all the beef facts, please visit: beef-facts.redbarnmarket.ca/
Most of our pork is from Britco in Langley, BC. We also carry local pork from Stillmeadows Farm in Metchosin which is available in stores every Thursday and we are increasing our number of hogs.
All of our fresh chicken is raised on Vancouver Island chicken farms and is processed by  Island Farmhouse Poultry.
Yes! All of our Red Barn’s Own products are gluten free except for our Teriyaki Pepperoni and Wrangler’s Teriyaki Beef Jerky. If you have any questions about specific products, please speak with our deli and meat departments for complete lists of ingredients.
Yes we do us sodium nitrite which is commonly known as curing salt. The amount which is used in our Red Barn’s Own Smokehouse products is 190ppm, which is below the government regulated amount. For further information on Nitrite/Nitrates please visit: redbarnmarket.ca/about-sodium-nitrite/
We only use wild sockeye salmon in our salmon products.


Fresh Produce

Whenever possible depending on the season, we source from a variety of local farms. Longview, Gobind, Veyaness, Town & Country, Mitchell’s, Suntrio, Rages, Single Hill, Silver Rill, Galey Farms and so many more.
Due to the seasons and availability we are unable to sell exclusively locally grown produce all year long. We do make a great effort to carry local produce whenever possible. Look for Vancouver Island grown potatoes, squash, kiwi, and lettuce in the winter months and all kinds of berries, tomatoes, lettuce, apples, and so much more available all through the spring, summer and into the fall.