Special Hours for Seniors and Immune System Compromised Individuals

March 17, 2020

Special Hours

Special Hours for Seniors and Immune system compromised individuals


Effective Wednesday March 18th

We will be offering special shopping hours for seniors and those with compromised immune systems to shop with us from 7am-8am each day at all Red Barn Market locations.

If you are not represented in this group, please reserve this time for those more vulnerable shoppers and visit us after 8am.

We have increased the frequency of our cleaning and sanitization regimes during the day and have been cleaning and sanitizing extensively for a full hour every night to provide a safe environment for everyone the next morning.


We will continue to take every step necessary to insure a safe and clean shopping experience for our customers.  Look for regular updates on our website and through social media.


Please help us share this information with elderly family and friends!